About Sophia

Developing With a Passion While Exploring The World.

Sophia has a background in traditional and holistic medicine since 1988. After leaving the traditonal medical field, Sophia went into Integrative work. She has a rich Reiki lineage and over 23 years in the field. 

Receiving her Usui Reiki I, II, A.R.T. attunements in 2000 then in 2001, Sophia received her Reiki Master attunement. In 2001 Sophia was trained in Living Steel Sword Reiki by Sir Edward Jagen. In 2002, she received the Master training in Gendai Reiki from Tom Rigler. In 2012, Sophia received her Karuna Master attunement from Emily LeBathe. In 2016, after much contemplation, Sophia attended a Holy Fire five-day intensive with ICRT licensed teacher, Traci Houchins, to receive her first Holy Fire Ignition. Traci Houchins also taught Sophia Meta Reiki that same year.

After 20 years as a Master Teacher of Reiki, in February 2020 Sophia was spiritually guided to travel to Maui to work with the Holy Fire III. While on a solo vision quest, during a sunset ceremony at 10,023 feet atop Haleakala volcano, Sophia gained the respect needed and received the final key to a gateway of Divine energy called Quantum Key Reiki and the Quantum Rei-Key techniques. She was told it is the highest refined frequency of life force energy gifted to the human race at this time. Under spiritual guidance she has developed the curriculum and now teaches Quantum Rei-Key to select Reiki Masters who have attained the level of Karuna Holy Fire Master.

Sophia believes in creating beautiful, emotion driven work that functions for her client’s goals and resonates in their lives and with their audiences. Her ideal client is the heart centered entrepreneur working in a spiritual community to help others find a purpose.

Sophia is the mother of three and a grandmother of four. She has a passion for all animals and is an avid dog enthusiast. Sophia is a devoted award winning volunteer for the Good Knight Child Empowerment Network and a loving advocate for Mother Earth.

Her motto is—-
“Facilitate Illumination, Peace and Love!

Sophia holds a doctorate in divinity and is an ordained minister, renowned reiki master/teacher/practitioner, cranio-sacral therapist, certified aromatherapist, crystal healer, wellness coach and Angel expert. Sophia’s practice is by referral only, but she does consider clients on a case-by-case basis. Inquiries are accepted by email at sosophia.west@gmail.com.

A highly sought after lecturer on angels, spirituality, reiki, and awareness expansion, Sophia is also an acclaimed author of the Super Book of Family Safety series and Good Knight Child Safety Awareness video productions. She is also the international best-selling author of the Diary of an Angel Knight creative nonfiction series, which chronicles the real-life adventures of Sir Edward Jagen—When Angels Dream, Book of the North and U-Knighted We Stand, Book of the South. She is currently working on book three in the series.

As the volunteer chief of staff of the Good Knight Child Empowerment Network Inc., the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Jagen established in 1985, Sophia oversees programs, services, and the museum’s exhibits. She has also received many awards throughout her 23 years of volunteer service to include the Maryland Governor’s Volunteer of the Year Award for 2005, the Volvo Hometown Hero Award, and the Presidential Volunteer Service Lifetime Achievement Award for Public Safety from President Bush.

Lilibet the Healing Dog!