From classes and events to sessions and retreats, YOU are at the center of the experience! All services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each person!

Consulting / Coaching

Individualized guidance created via a synergistic approach with YOU in the driver's seat!

Reiki Training

Usui Holy Fire Levels 1 through Master, Karuna, Living Steel Sword, and Quantum Rei-Key Courses

Book of Wisdom

The 54 Lessons from the Lost Book of Wisdom of Atlantis. Self paced or Master Teacher guided.

Integrative Biodynamics

Introducing the exclusive Three Body Therapy using ancient energy medicine and cutting edge medical tech.

Consulting / Coaching

Book a time with me to chat. If there is synergy, we will work together to individualize and tailor a plan just for you that is always flexible.


4 sessions

3 Months

12 sessions

6 Months

24 sessions


Unlimited Sessions

Reiki Training

As a Master Magi Teacher of the Quantum Key Reiki Training Center, I train students in many levels:

  • Using the International Reiki Training resources I teach Usui Holy Fire Levels 1 through Master and Karuna Master
  • Living Steel Sword Reiki developed by Sir Edward Jagen
  • Quantum Rei-Key Courses
Usui Holy Fire​

Levels 1 & 2

Usui Holy Fire


Karuna Holy Fire


Quantum Rei-Key

5 Levels Available

Book of Wisdom

The 54 Lessons from the Lost Book of Wisdom of Atlantis. Self-paced or Master-Magi Teacher guided.

$2,444 for all 54 Lessons & bi-weekly live zoom classes or $50 per lesson self paced via the Teachable platform.

Integrative Biodynamics

Integrative Biodynamics’ exclusive “Three Body Therapy” uses ancient energy medicine and cutting edge medical technology to address the physical body, energetic body. and etheric body. By tailoring a plan to address all aspects of wellness, the potential for profound healing is increased.

What Sophia's Clients & Students Have to Say

“I’ve been in the healing, consciousness, and spirituality space for 30+ years and have met and worked with A LOT of people. Lady Sophia is like a master of the masters. She possesses a unique combination of infinite wisdom, an open heart, and rare spiritual gifts. Every conversation with her has shifted me mentally and energetically. It feels like you are being hugged by pure divine energy as it guides you along your journey. My life continues to unfold with extra magic and unexpected gifts since we met.”
Dr. Steve Young
Functional Medicine Practitioner
"I have taken both Book of Wisdom and Reiki levels 1 & 2 with Sophia. Sophia's knowledge and wisdom are unparalleled. When working with Sophia you see a glimpse into what is possible when it comes to energy and spiritual work. She shows up in everything with humility and grace. She has truly shifted the course of my life bringing me into greater alignment with my purpose. I cannot recommend working with Sophia enough and I inevitably end up telling all my friends and family about her books and services."
Jasper Crocker
Director of Product