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Integrative Biodynamics

Shifting Vibration, Frequency, and Perception

Introducing Three Body Therapy?

A typical western model treats an individual by addressing their symptoms, often missing the underlying issue at hand.  Sophia’s unique model evaluates the client using a multi-layered approach to uncover the root cause of the problem. We evaluate and treat the client’s physical body, energetic body, and the etheric body. 

Physical Body

Analysis and treatment of the physical body comes from a holistic perspective. We look at the body in its entirety recognizing that human health is centered beyond human DNA.

Our analysis of human health includes:

  • Muscular stress and misalignment
  • Neurological Wellness
  • Organ health
  • Inflammatory States
  • Allergies and Sensitivities
  • Gut Microbiome
  • Mental Health

Energetic Body

Humans are electromagnetic beings. Our energy can be measured in the space beyond our bodies and can impact the people and space around us.

Most healthcare practitioners ignore this truth, failing to acknowledge the incredible impact that energy work can have on human health.​

  • Auric Field Disturbances
  • Chakra Imbalances
  • Energy Flow / Meridians
  • Qi

Etheric Body

Even more esoteric and misunderstood than our energetic body is that of the etheric body. The etheric body is an energy field perfect in composition which is connected to and assists in maintaining the physical form.

It acts as a buffer for energy forces which is relayed to the physical form from higher dimensions. It then transmits these forces via the central nervous system and the endocrine and circulatory systems.

The etheric body provides for the vitalization of the physical cells and when in alignment with the physical body stimulates the quest toward the attainment of the perfection of health and form. The etheric body is recognized and treated by all ancient cultures of the world.

With the advent of modern religion, the shamanic and spiritual practices to heal and protect the spirit were lost or suppressed. In Three Body Therapy these practices are brought back into the light and rekindled to bring about true healing and alignment with the highest self.

  • Ancestral Wound Healing
  • Past Life Regression
  • Spirit Cleansing
  • Clearing of Interfering Energies

Ready to Experience your Healing Journey?

Three body therapy Incroporates

Preparation, Treatment, & Integration

In Three Body Therapy, we believe that the majority of the success in healing comes from the level of preparation before, and the focus on integration after the treatment. There is an innate healer within each of us that is unlocked by Three Body Therapy. 

Treatment begins energetically when the client/patient agrees to a treatment date, not when the scheduled day arrives. The preparation phase will include activities suggested by the facilitators to help prepare the client for the immersive experience. Such activities can include internal reflection, meditation, and a gentle detoxification. We recommend taking some time off after the treatment session to relax and integrate the work before resuming your regular activities. Integration of the experience into daily life is vital. Some say that forming a new habit takes 21 days, so it’s important to exercise patience, lots of self-care and rest.

While some may find benefit from repeating a therapy  months or years later, we intend to maximize healing during a client’s first immersive experience.

The Three Phases of Treatment

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Evaluation Phase

The client receives a holistic evaluation that includes looking at a myriad of indices across their physical, energetic, and etheric bodies. This is critical to the lasting success of the treatment because one symptom may have evolved from various root causes.

For instance, depression may stem from an ancestral wound in the etheric body, a throat chakra blockage in the energetic body, or a simple vitamin D deficiency in the physical body. Symptoms don’t always lead to the correct root cause without the complete evaluation and close attention of a skilled practitioner.​
Evaluations include:
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Clearing Phase

During this phase, the client receives a full Three Body reset. The client is cleared of old injury, trauma, and limiting beliefs on the physical, energetic, and spiritual levels. They are cleansed in mind, body and spirit through a mix of modern technology and ancestral wisdom.

  • Dietary Modifications
  • Raindrop Therapy
  • Ear Candling
  • Labrinth Walking Meditations
  • Pyramid Mediations
  • Masculine / Feminine Rebalancing
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Detoxifying Supplements
  • Ketamine Therapy
  • Neurofeedback Sessions
  • Hypnotherapy
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Revitalizing Phase

Clients complete the Three Body Therapy Treatments more aligned with themselves, having rebuilt their bodies through technologies and practices that not only help regenerate body, mind, and spirit, but strengthen the three-fold structure so they can continue to grow resilient and strong

Revitalizations include:
  • Clean Nourishing Food
  • Cold Therapy
  • Hydrogen Water
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy
  • Shiatsu Shin Tai
  • Chakra Chelation
  • Guided Meditations
  • Stargate Meditations
  • Labyrinth Meditations
  • Walking Meditations
  • Qi Gong
  • Energy and Breathwork Training
  • The Catalyst
  • The Biocharger
  • IV Therapies
  • Stem Cell Therapies
  • Crystal Therapy


Don’t hesitate to take your health into your own hands. We are here to answer any questions you may have about the experience